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On Monday 15th October 2018 I start walking, with my good friend Dave Ananta, from my home city of Lancaster to our capital city of London, a journey of about 250 miles. My aim is to arrive at the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London for the Remembrance Day Service on Sunday 11th November.

I am walking to raise money for the Tara Centre in Lancaster, a place that offers help in dealing with trauma in people's life through kindness, compassion and community. I hope to raise £1000 that will go to keep the Tara Centre in its home for the next year. The Centre helps so many people through hard times.


Walking with humility, with the intention of open-heartedness, of deep listening, of offering my own insights into the Peace that lives in all of us.I will be walking in my priestly robes, walking the length of the country with the intention of expounding the message of Radical Peacefulness wherever I go, Peace of the individual, Peace in community and Peace as a whole world unity. To be kind to each other.

Pilgrimage is a strong tradition of any Faith, mine especially; but this is to be a Radical Pilgrimage. Radical because I'm carrying the hopes and wishes for a peaceful world of everybody on this planet, where ever I go I'm going to encourage the world to say YES TO PEACE