Case Studies

Sunshine & Smiles

“Localgiving is easy to set up, affordable and the commission rates are reasonable and fair. We have been approached by other platforms but we feel really comfortable with our relationship with Localgiving and have no reason to change. The helpline and email support is second to none, all enquiries have been resolved very quickly and the staff are always friendly”

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Sufra NW London

“The opportunity to incentivise donations plays a major role in reaching new donors. Sometimes people need more than a cause to donate – they want to feel part of a movement and campaign which prompts them to give to a cause. Localgiving campaigns help to achieve this”

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MK Cheerleading Academy

“We started our journey with Localgiving last year. We were expanding and needed extra space to offer new classes for different ages and abilities. We took the time to look at a few different online fundraising platforms. However the match funds, competitions and other incentives Localgiving offered were a real bonus"

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St Petroc's

“The ability to receive donations online made an immediate difference. This gave us an added air of professionalism and importantly enabled us to accept direct debits. The fact that online donations were not ring-fenced for specific projects meant we could put this money towards emergency cold weather provisions and core costs”.

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“The additional schemes Localgiving offers are great. The main benefit of Localgiving for me as a sole fundraiser is the dedicated support provided. Being able to pick up the phone and have fundraising advice from a voice I know and trust is a huge help."

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The Bristol Inclusive Thrill Seekers

"The Local Hero competition was a real roller-coaster. We were pleased to make it onto the final table and win a prize for BITS. The funds raised will be used in various ways. We are reserving a bit for core costs and insurance. Some will also go on setting up and promoting out latest activity- Parkour sessions”

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Bardsey Island Trust

“Our membership with Localgiving has made a huge difference. The Localgiving page has enabled us to raise money from both existing and new donors in an easy and efficient way. We have seen an income increase of £2000, close to a 100% increase on donations from individuals that are not linked to membership fees”.

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Global Generation

“Global Generation take a holistic view of creating positive change. We work in an ecological way that is congruent with the message. It is important that we work with funders and have funding sources that fit with this world view. The funding we receive through Localgiving is an important part of our funding mix and helps us avoid mission creep – a problem often faced by groups who need to chase grants and contracts”.

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“(Localgiving) gives donors the ability to submit their personal data with confidence. The ability to claim gift aid is also a major benefit along with being able to build a pool of direct debit donors. The Friends now have An excellent track record for raising funds and spending the money wisely. This has proved highly beneficial when applying for additional funding”.

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