Manchester Action on Street Health


Manchester Action on Street Health (MASH) provides free, confidential support for female sex workers in Greater Manchester. Their support includes a safe, women-only drop-in, a sexual health clinic, needle exchange, counselling and ‘life-skills’ support.

Since joining in 2013, MASH has raised over £6,000 through Localgiving. In this time they have taken full advantage of Localgiving’s campaigns and competitions, bringing in over £1,000 through match funding and competition prize money.

In April 2019 MASH set up a team fundraising page to compete in Local Hero 2019. Local Hero is an annual competition that challenges fundraisers from around the UK to compete for a top-prize of £1,000.

Two members of Team MASH participated in the North Tyneside 10k and one in another local race. After a muscle-straining, nail-biting month, Team MASH finished in second place in the Local Hero competition winning a prize of £500, which was added to the £1,800 they raised through fundraising.

Janelle Hardacre, Fundraising & Marketing Officer at MASH (as well as a member of Team MASH) was hugely enthusiastic about their Local Hero experience.

“The competition element gave our fundraising activities a focus, making it much easier to encourage my friends, family the wider community, as well as supporters of MASH to support the cause. I initially set our goal at a modest £300 and in the end we got £1,400 in donations!”

“It can be really hard for a fundraising campaign to cut through, particularly for a small charities with fewer resources. The Local Hero competition gave a new dynamic to our fundraising; we actually ended up talking about the competition more than the actual 10k.”

“The fact that every small donation counted made a real difference as it didn’t feel too imposing or too much of an ask. The live leaderboard also helped us push people over the line.”

“After the competition we thanked everyone through Localgiving. We have downloaded the donor report and are now looking at how to keep these people involved in our work in future and, hopefully, turn them into regular donors”.

Over the years MASH has also taken full advantage of other Localgiving campaigns and services, from training courses to match funds. As Janelle explained:

“The additional schemes Localgiving offers are great. The main benefit of Localgiving for me as a sole fundraiser is the dedicated support provided. Being able to pick up the phone and have fundraising advice from a voice I know and trust is a huge help."

"The newsletters are really informative - giving us fundraising ideas used by other charities and preparing us in good-time for campaigns. We have also really benefited from the training and resources. We definitely download and use fundraising toolkits and templates”.

Janelle also made it clear how important it is to MASH to have a fundraising platform with an ethos that matches their own: “Other platforms are more commercial and geared towards profit. We really like that Localgiving is a not-for profit like us”.

Looking forward, MASH’s small team is keen to diversify income streams, seeing this as vital to their long-term sustainability. Janelle believes that the income they accrue through Localgiving is an essential part of this picture.

“In the short term we are focusing on our core, unrestricted funding, with a particular emphasis on how we can increase regular giving. We see our Localgiving membership as central to this”.  

To find out more about MASH's amazing work and donate please visit: