Every Little Helps

We caught up with Every Little Helps to find out what they’ve been up to lately. Read on to find out more…

Every Little Helps are a community organisation who provide practical support to the homeless, as well as families and children with special needs. They offer support for carers and young people in the form of home support, advice, short breaks, sports club access and much more. Their beneficiaries come from local areas such as; Balsall Heath, Small Heath, Spark Hill, Spark brook and Moseley.

The aims of their activities are to increase:

  • Equal opportunities for children who need access to activities outside of their home environment.

  • Support for carers who are hard to reach or lonely.

  • Affordable provision for families who come from economically deprived areas.

  • Equal opportunities practice and inclusion for families who are marginalised by society.

  • Providing items of support to prevent loneliness, homelessness and further deterioration.

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“Our fundraising efforts exceed far beyond all we could ask for and as a result we have supported the health and wellness of our beneficiaries. Our project (Winter Care Packs) delivered over 100 winter warming clothing and items for individuals sleeping rough. We would like to increase our outreach this year and make it just as successful as 2021. Our support aims to assist the vulnerable and people who have nowhere to go.”

They have provided a short story about the impact of their winter care packs: “Following the sudden bereavement of a brother and sisters father, both had no one to turn to for energy advice and financial support. Their benefits had ceased and momentarily had no heating due to unpaid household energy bills. Their father was their primary carer who was usually on top of all this. To add to this, both siblings have mild to moderate learning disabilities. Brother J and Sister A had no one to support them at the time and had come to our organisation through a neighbour who saw their vulnerability. Our winter support pack was able to support them through a tough time and set them back on track. Our volunteers are glad to see that they are doing well and are often seen walking their dog crisp.” 

“Localgiving has taught us that every amount of effort is counted and collectively we can all make a difference. Grant giving is key to our activities and Localgiving has been integral to our community in achieving its aims.”