8 Fundraising Ideas for the New Year

Just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean you can’t continue your incredible efforts and raising money for your organisation. The New Year is one of the peak times to boost your fundraising and falls within the season of giving. We’ve collated a few ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. What better way to kick-start 2023 than getting your fundraisers and donors buzzing about your cause?!

  • Clothes/toy drive – people may have a bunch of excess clothes, toys or any other items now that Christmas is over and done with. Why not ask for donations of old clothes or toys to give to those less fortunate?

  • Give something up – want to break a habit? Get sponsored for giving something up or donate the money you’re saving – it might be alcohol, your morning coffee or sweet treats.

  • Walk your dog month – many resolve to get fit and incorporate more movement into their lives, so an exercise based challenge would be a great way to get started in January! Exercise challenges can also be in the form of a 5k or marathon, a swim-athon, a bike ride, etc.

  • Take the cold plunge – thousands of people willingly jump into incredibly cold water as part of the polar plunge each year. Do this and ask for donations for your sheer bravery (or insanity!).

  • Try something completely new – want some new hobbies and interests? Try something bold and set yourself a personal goal while receiving support for it in the form of donations. This can be anything from writing a novel, having a read-athon or participating in extreme water sports!

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  • Host a new year/2023 party and ask attendees to make a voluntary contribution – attendees get to party the night away and funds are raised at the same time, it’s a win win!

  • Livestream on social media showing off all the great work that goes on behind the scenes at your organisation. Show your followers and donors what their contributions would be going for and turn on the option to leave a donation while they watch!

  • Valentines day event – this gives you nearly 2 months to raise funds towards something love-themed! Hopefully with plenty of time to organise, this should allow you to make a hefty amount for your organisation.

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