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After over 12 years of delivering The Smiling Sessions, an uplifting participatory singalong for vulnerable senior citizens, the prevalence of loneliness in UK care homes and sheltered housing schemes continues to strike us and remind us of our purpose. Loneliness has emerged as a significant concern affecting individuals across various demographics, but where the care sector faces increasing challenges, loneliness among individuals aged 65 and above has become a pressing issue.

The Smiling Sessions musicians are highly experienced professionals, who visit the residential homes to play popular songs that the residents, mostly aged 65 and over, know and love. The impact of The Smiling Sessions exemplify the transformative power of music. The results have been heartwarming and profound, providing a testament to the therapeutic and social connection qualities of music.

There has been a notable increase in the need for our services post pandemic, as residents desperately long for human interaction. In some cases, we have learnt that they have not felt confident to socially engage for three years, pre-pandemic. We are trying our utmost in such challenging times to visit as many homes as possible, help improve the quality of life and bring some happiness and joy into the lives of these isolated and lonely older people. Your donation will help us achieve this. 

On behalf of all the wonderful residents we meet every month to sing with, a big Smiling THANKYOU.

The singing gives me such a positive reason to leave my room & be with people. After being in hospital for 5  years, I have never experienced anything like this”. Participant

“Since the pandemic it’s been difficult for tenants to re-engage with social activities. Each session has seen more tenants attending, becoming more confident and venturing out into the community. Our schemes are very diverse, but you don’t have to speak English to recognise the songs and join in. This also encourages new relationships.” staff member


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10 songbooks donated to residents so they can continue singing outwith our visits


10 CDs donated to staff and carers to facilitate regular singalongs


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