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Glasgow Girls FC will send 22 female football players to Gambia to promote "Girls & Women's" football by delivering coaching sessions for young girls & women to attend and be inspired to take up and play football. The club will also donate 3 sets of football strips to Girls & Women's Football Clubs. The players going will also fundraise to help raise the funds needed and have Bag Packs planned in local supermarkets and fundraising nights also planned.

How the funding will be spent

The funding will be used to send the payers over to Gambia to deliver the coaching sessions and awareness programmes The coaching sessions will be delivered in the mornings & afternoons and in the evenings the team will play the local Women's club where the girls who were coached earlier can come along and watch the game free of charge. At the end of the week Glasgow Girls FC will play The Gambian Women's National Team

How this will benefit the community

We are helping to promote & increase participation levels in female sport and in this case football, In some countries including Gambia female sport is not encouraged and we hope with our visit in partnership with The Gambian Football Association we can increase the participation numbers. The benefits for these young girls is to visit and deliver coaching sessions in a different country & culture, The girls will be responsible for planning and delivering the sessions.


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