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Set up with a donation from former Derventio resident Sylvester Cichowski, Sylvester’s Fund means that people facing homelessness can buy essential items that they need. This could be second-hand furniture or white goods, an important document such as a birth certificate or something they might need for a hobby or interest.
One person who benefited from the fund is Stephen. Earlier this year money from Sylvester’s Fund meant that he could buy the essential items needed to move into his own home. Before then, he’d been sleeping in a horse box or on friends’ sofas after he was forced to leave the home he’d shared with his mum following her death. Derventio also helped Stephen to get a bank account, register for council tax and utilities and also deal with outstanding issues in his life.

Stephen wanted to give something back, so he made his own donation to Sylvester's Fund. He said:

"This will be my second Christmas in my own home and every time I think about where I might be now had Derventio not helped me, I feel extremely grateful for everything they’ve done for me.
"I know what a huge difference a bit of help or even the most basic item can make when you’ve been homeless and you’re trying to move on.
"That’s why I wanted to make a donation to Sylvester’s Fund and I hope that other people will make a donation too."

Can you make a Giving Tuesday donation to support Derventio’s Sylvester’s Fund Christmas Appeal?

Every penny of your donation will go directly into buying small – and large – essential items that will have a big impact on people’s lives.           


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What your gift could provide


could buy a birth certificate to use as ID for benefits and work


could buy bedding and curtains to make a house a home


could buy a bed for someone moving into their own home

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