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We enable homeless people to offer as well as receive help. We believe that homeless people are a massively untapped resource of skills, creativity, knowledge and experience able to contribute positively to their community.

Why the community needs us

Homelessness causes significant damage to a person's self-esteem; homeless people feel they are seen only as a 'problem' to be solved. We work from the positive by listening to their views and offering opportunities to help themselves by helping others.

Our impact on the community

Two members of the Link-Up committee are currently representing East Anglia on the Groundswell Homelessness Commission, working on a report requested by central government and they will be briefing the Housing Minister in person on their findings. Our monthly meetings are open and friendly and everyone has a vote. We encourage people who receive a grant or take part in a project like our bike project to come along and get involved with other Link-Up projects.

What your gift could provide


refreshments and travel expenses for monthly meeting


pair of shoes or trainers


spectacles prescription basic charge

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