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Cara-Friend has been supporting the LGBTQI+ community in NI since 1974. We offer LGBTQI+ Youth Services, LGBTQI+ Community Development events, Family Support services, Domestic Abuse Support services, the LGBTQI+ Switchboard & Helpline, the LGBTQI+ Inclusive School's Charter, the LGBTQI+ Inclusive Business Charter, LGBTQI+ Awareness Training, Mental Health Support Services as well as Advocacy, Policy Consultations and Campaigning.

Why the community needs us
We benefit the LGBTQI+ community by providing support services which are specific to their particular needs in relation to their social, physical, sexual and mental health and well being. We also campaign and lobby on behalf of the community to make sure their voices are heard at every level of decision-making. We benefit the wider community by providing training to professionals, volunteers, businesses and schools.

Our impact on the community
In the past year over 1000 young people have accessed our youth services. We have trained over 10000 school pupils and over 4000 teachers. We run events such as the LGBTQI+ Annual History Festival, the LGBTQI+ Holocaust Memorial amd we organise the annual LGBTQI+ Awareness Week. Our Helpline deals with over 3000 calls per year from people facing isolation, loneliness and depression. We also operate the  LGBTQI+ specific Domestic Abuse Support Project in NI, and we take part in campaigns ranging from Equal Marriage to Banning Conversion Therapy. If you need us, just get in touch!      

What your gift could provide


helps pay for a support visit to a young LGBTQI+ person in distress


helps fund a mental health intervention for an LGBTQI+ person experiencing suicide ideation


helps fund a workshop addressing the bullying of LGBTQI+ school pupils.

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Cara-Friend's LGBTQIA+ Inclusive Schools' Charter

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Mental health support for young LGBTQI+ people

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