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Community Language Support Services (CLSS) is a registered charity with aims to assist speakers of diverse languages with limited English speaking skills to be able to communicate with local organisations and people. We mainly work with ethnic minority groups and asylum seekers who face difficulties communicating due to language barriers and lack of information.Our aim is to empower our clients who feel isolated from the community and to help promote their integration into British society.

Why the community needs us

Our service provides professional, confidential and culturally sensitive support services to its community members. It helps those most hard to reach disadvantaged individuals. It also becomes the voice of the disadvantaged to respond to the unmet needs of the community. It aims that every individual has the opportunity to get the right support and enjoy a good quality life.

Our impact on the community

CLSS services combat isolation, strengthens confidence of users as well as tackling poverty through aiding and improving access to mainstream services. Through offering volunteer opportunities individuals develop skills and confidence which helps them become independent.

What your gift could provide


Travel for a volunteer to provide outreach to a vulnerable person


Emergency support for destitute client i.e food or travel


Pays for refreshments at one of our community events

Our details

0207 281 3228

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