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FAST London is a Christian inspired youth charity that works with young people aged 9 - 19, on the Patmore Estate in Battersea, London.
Our vision is a community where young people grow up with a healthy sense of trust, resilience, and hope for the future.

What’s the need?
While Battersea has seen growing investment, Patmore Estate remains in the bottom 10% of London areas for income deprivation. This historical neglect has left young people more vulnerable to all forms of abuse such as grooming, poor mental health, and low school engagement.

The pandemic has further increased the number of young people requiring support. Consequently there is now an urgent need to make sure young people are plugged into community and getting the support they need.

Our mission   
Ultimately, we want to see young people flourish which looks like:  

  • Young people that have healthy relationships with peers and adults 
  • Young people who choose to stay in school and out of criminality and gangs 
  • Young People with increased levels of resilience, aspirations and hope 

How do we do this? 
  • By creating safe spaces where young people can build trusted relationships and feel known, accepted and respected by their peers and adults.  
  • We host sports clubs, open access sessions and provide one to one support on the estate.  
  • Encouraging them to plan and work hard for the future they aspire for.   
  • Providing an option for young people to explore the Christian faith in a non-judgemental, no pressure environment.  

Since 2019 we have been able to serve over 200 young people, including through the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How can you help?
With grant funding becoming more difficult to secure, this increased demand has placed strain on our services and limited the number of people we can host, coach and mentor each week.
We’d love you to consider becoming one of our foundational partners, investing a minimum of £10 a month, to help us bring more young people into the FAST community. 

Your support would enable us to continue delivering our services while making sure all communities in South London can share in the city’s prosperity.            

What your gift could provide


Covers the food cost for the young people for a week


pays for a worker for a 2 hour session


pays for the cost of a 2 hour group session

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