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Friends of Clennon Lakes are volunteers restoring a neglected area of wetland and designated nature reserve in Torbay. This involves clearing willow and invasive plant overgrowth so that the lakes can be cleared of silt and returned to their required depth. We are also restoring footpaths and improving a wildflower meadow. All this is to improve the experience for visitors from our community who come to experience nature and for exercise, rest and recreation.We need funds to help us achieve

Why the community needs us

The lakes and immediate surrounding area are a designated County Wildlife Site a survey in 2011 confirmed this status. Sadly the lack of proper management has seen the lakes dramatically silting up and gradually turning back to scrub and woodland with its footpaths being almost unusable during the winter. The group is restoring the site back to its former glory - for wildlife and people.

Our impact on the community

Bringing back to life a run down nature area to benefit both people and wildlife, making the area a place for relaxation enjoyment and education but importantly enhancing the wildlife value of the site at the same time.

What your gift could provide


pays for new hand tools like rakes, spades and petrol for our power tools


pays for good quality saws essential for cutting the invasive willow trees.


pays for a days training first aid of tool training

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