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We provide a unique service in the South Wiltshire area providing local families with children under 5 who are struggling to cope with the role of parenting (eg disability,isolation, illness domestic violence, family breakdown etc.) by matching a trained volunteer to support them in their own homes and encourage involvement in support services in their neighbourhood and to have fun. They provide a role model both for the parents and the children, who become the next generation of parents.

Why the community needs us
Volunteers can be instrumental in providing access to social and recreational opportunities, developing their social networks and strengthening local ties for the families. This is often a crucial factor in diminishing the feelings of isolation and improving the confidence of parents. It involves local people helping local people.

Our impact on the community
In the short term, a crisis can be prevented from occurring by friendly non-judgmental support, sometimes enabling a family to stay together. In the long term, parents gain confidence and skills that they can pass on to their children.

What your gift could provide


funds a Home-Start volunteers first visit to a vulnerable family


funds Home-Start support to a vulnerable family for a week


funds Home-Start support to a vulnerable family for a month

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