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What participants say:
It was really relaxing / mindful activity which made me curious to learn more about the artworks in Crystal Palace."
"Really felt the connection with the place and statue in the workshop. Beautiful and different work from everyone. Evocative."
"It's very pleasant to learn and create outside. It was a safe and calming environment."

There are several ways you can support this work:
•if you have time to spare, you'd be most welcome to volunteer.
•if you'd like to donate any amount will help to support the charity. If you can add gift aid your donation will be increased at no cost to yourself.
•if you'd like to spread the word, please do tell your friends!

What we do:
Invisible Palace is a charity based in South East London that works to bring people from a range of backgrounds together through shared interests for collective activity. Through this approach communities of interest are able to share knowledge and shape their learning.

Activity is rooted in the story of the local area and people’s place within it. The current programme includes gardening, walks, visits, arts and crafts, and aerial arts for young people.

Why we do it:
People who live, work and study in the area surrounding Crystal Palace Park experience fragmented community services and a less cohesive sense of place as a result of its location at the meeting point of the boundaries of five London boroughs. Local heritage assets are perceived as a drain on resources rather than for the value they bring to people and what they mean to people. Cultural, heritage and environmental resources are not shared equally across the whole community resulting in a loss of value for both people and place.       

What your gift could provide


Pay for a volunteer to travel to and from a regular gardening session


Buy a ticket to a creative workshop for someone else


Pay for an aerial arts session for a young person

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