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We are an award-winning women's charity based in Haringey. We improve the lives of Black, Asian, minority ethnic, Refugee and Asylum-seeking (BAMER) women and youth by empowering them to overcome the barriers they face. We were founded in 1989 due to overwhelming demand from our community and we offer services that have been identified by our users as a necessity including free adult education classes to aid integration and employability. JAN Trust also runs projects and workshops to tackle issues such as Hate Crime, Violence against women and girls, knife crime and extremism.In 2010, We launched our Web Guardians™ programme, educating and empowering women and mothers against online extremism; building community resilience. JAN Trust also provides SAFE (Safeguarding from Extremism) workshops to schools and colleges.

Why the community needs us
BAMER women in our community often find themselves living in isolation. Not only do we help these women to build key skills, but we act as a support system. We provide comfort, advice and guidance offering a vital life-line for many vulnerable women who have nowhere else they can turn on issues. We are also one of the only few trusted grassroots NGO's in our area educating on extremism and building community resilience on this issue.

Our impact on the community
We have supported over 140,000 women since we were founded and have provided over 27,000 classes. We have given our users a new lease of life and have seen them become role models to their children and ambassadors within their own communities. JAN Trust has made an impact educating practitioners and young people about extremism and women's rights at various organisations, schools and colleges and with your help we can continue our work creating safer communities.

What your gift could provide


A weeks worth of Fashion&Design class Materials for 30 women


1 healthy cooking session for 10 ethnic minority women with heart disease


One day ICT course for 10 - 15 women

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