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Joint Civil Aid Corps - a voluntary Civil Defence (Emergency Support) organisation. Its concept is to provide opportunities for communities to join us in building true resilience to safeguard themselves and their homes.  We are open to all, and we'll train all members in such skills to support communities and emergency services as needs arise. By doing so, gaining key life skills that will help individuals throughout all walks of life, including education and work.

Why the community needs us
One of the key philosophies behind the JCAC is based on the belief that communities can be brought together and barriers removed through the training for a common goal. The belief is that it will provide a vessel for greater trust and closer integration within our communities. The JCAC contains three strands, which enables people of all ages and backgrounds to come together.  As they face training together, trust and understanding will dawn, respect earned, and bonds will form leading to strong resilient communities.

Our impact on the community
We will train you in basic skills that will enable you to embark on a whole new adventure by experiencing different activities and developing new skills. You'll make new friends and discover more about yourself, such as increased confidence, better understanding of life-skills, and your own abilities! EVERYONE can develop and learn new skills and support your community at the same time!

What your gift could provide


could provide equipment to clear help paths for the elderly.


pays for a basic uniform for a new member.


would help to buy emergency equipment.

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