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Your donation will help the Migrant English Project (MEP) provide free informal English lessons for refugees and asylum-seekers. We offer a welcoming, friendly and safe space where people meet others and receive support, free lunch and help with transport costs. MEP assists people in all areas of their lives (doctor visits, local library, housing, IT skills etc). MEP is an independent initiative run entirely by volunteers and is funded by the generosity of kind supporters like you - thank you.

Why the community needs us

The Migrant English Project helps asylum seekers and refugees play an active part in the community. In a student's own words: "For me it's nice to socialise - here you have most races so it's very nice. I just feel that I am useful. Otherwise I would be hanging out in the street. What would a person do with no job? Hanging out is not good."

Our impact on the community

We use student testimonies and open meetings to evaluate the project --- "Teachers are cooperative and helpful and polite. They help me to improve my language. Before I didn't speak a word and now I can communicate and live in this environment. It also build up my confidence. I am very grateful." --- "I can talk to everybody and I am learning. Every teacher is special, generous with a big heart because they are volunteers. The most important is that this place shouldn't close. Where would I go?"

What your gift could provide


pays for bus fares for 3 migrants to get to their free weekly lesson.


buys ingredients for a healthy meal for 50 people.


pays our classroom rent for one week

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