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The Food Bank provides emergency food parcels to local families and individuals who hit a short term crisis. Operating through local care agencies e.g CAB, Social Services etc we can ensure people are receiving help with their underlying issues.

Why the community needs us
People are referred to us for a variety of reasons, perhaps a family break-up where one person has had to leave without warning, loss of a job or benefit problems. It could be that someone has come out of hospital or prison and needs some immediate practical support. Sometimes it is debt related, where a change in circumstances leaves a family struggling to keep a roof over their heads. In all cases, The Food Bank is able to provide short term support.

Our impact on the community
The immediate, practical support provided by The Food Bank provides breathing space for the recipient and the referral agency, creating time for them to work together to resolve the underlying problems e.g. realigning debt, resolving benefit issues.One young mum "Sarah" was referred and supported for a 6-week period to enable her to pay the bailiffs @£44 a week. This support from The Food Bank kept a roof over her head and her family together.Together, we really can make a difference!

What your gift could provide


Would buy one Adult Emergency Food Pack


Would feed a family of four for a week


Will make up 20 Family recipe kits

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