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Nova Sports & Coaching is a not-for-profit organisation who deliver high-quality, inclusive sport to individuals with disabilities.​

Nova works with local people, groups and organisations to help increase the sporting provision in Bath and the surrounding area.

Nova believes that everyone, regardless of their ability/disability, should have the freedom, autonomy and choice to take part in physical activity. Our wide offer of different sports and services aims to ensure that individuals can shine to fulfil their potential.  This is achieved through 3 primary avenues:
1. Outreach – in special and mainstream schools, in day services and businesses, with disability-specific sports as well as adapting mainstream sports.
2. Community Club Set-Up – giving opportunities outside of curriculum time for children and young people to access sport, as well as regular clubs for adults to attend.
3. Events and Tournaments – organising competitions for schools and colleges, as well as tournaments for the local community to access.

Why the community needs us
"You are twice as likely to be physically inactive if you have a disability compared to if you don't"
"Just 1 in 5 children with a disability play sports with their friends"

Nova create opportunities for people with disabilities to be active and foster engaging and fun environments for them to reach their potential.

We offer the widest variety of disability-specific sport in Somerset and have the best time doing it!

Our impact on the community
Nova work with approximately 1,000 people a year (with just a core team of 4 people!)

A number of sports clubs and initiatives we have set-up in the community include:

~ Frome Falcons Powerchair Football Club
~ Bath Frame Running Club
~ Bath Romans Wheelchair Basketball Club
~ SuperNova Sports Club
~ Bath Boccia League
~ Frome, Bath & Radstock Otters Hydro Club
~ Yeovil Hawks Inclusive Football Club
~ UWE Pirates Wheelchair Basketball Club

What your gift could provide


pays for a wheelchair basketball coach for one hour


pays for a group to have an inclusive outdoor activity day


pays for a new Frame Running frame

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