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We run support services and activities for children and families in Frome, helping to overcome challenges. Our aims are to support families who face disadvantage, and promote social inclusion and integration, helping to develop a stronger and more cohesive local community. To do this we run family support services and activities for children and families. Our services are either free or very low cost, to maximise accessibility. Our services include early years support via Frome Toy Library lending service and stay and play sessions; Small Steps early years support groups and 1:1 work; family support activities during each school holiday (delivered in partnership with Fair Frome); our befriending service for children aged between 5 and 12 years, and Frome Children's Festival. Support us by giving a one off donation or giving monthly; sponsor us if you run a business or volunteer for one of our services.

Why the community needs us
Our services are all about strengthening the local community, supporting families who are most in need and bringing people together. The community benefits from our work by having engaging and creative activities to enjoy together and by accessing parenting support. Children benefit by learning new skills, accessing mental health support, getting out of the house, being active, developing their imaginations, learning to share and to respect others, making new friends and having fun!

Our impact on the community
Our largest event, the summer Children's Festival, reaches thousands of people: the Toy Library reaches over 100 families each year; our befriending service supports around 10 children each year. Our impact is not just based on numbers: we aim to provide quality support for those most in need, which can mean small groups who gain a lot from one of our services. We also aim to achieve positive feedback: the community lets us know what they want and what works!

What your gift could provide


Pays for fresh fruit at our weekly sessions.


Allows families to stay longer after a holiday event has finished to eat, stay warm & make friends.


Allows us to run a whole amazing holida activity for several families or at the Children's Festival!

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