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Seahaven FM is not-for-profit, Ofcom-licensed Community Radio Station which is a reliable source of local information. This includes local news, travel, weather, events and the day-to-day information about our local communities along with a mix of the best music from across eight decades. Donations are a key part of funding this community resource. 

Local Radio
Local radio plays a vital role in fostering community cohesion and connectivity, serving as a platform for local voices and creating a sense of belonging among residents. It is a reliable source of community information and, as we found during the pandemic and storms, is especially needed during emergencies to offer real-time updates and guidance.  Seahaven FM broadcasts on FM and on-line across population of almost 250,000 in East Sussex. We do this solely for the benefit of our local listeners, community organisations and local businesses. The familiar voices of local radio hosts combat loneliness and create a sense of trust and comfort, making it an integral part of daily life. In essence, local radio acts as a lifeline, linking individuals, businesses and organisations, enriching the fabric of community life. 

Running the radio station
Seahaven FM is run by a team of local people, who are mainly volunteers. The station actively encourages public involvement both through the volunteer scheme and through supporting individuals to develop their personal skills. Some volunteers do not wish to go on air, and they fulfil a valuable role helping with admin, research, updating website information and clerical support.
Unlike commercial enterprises Seahaven FM is incorporated as a not-for-profit company, Although, affordable advertising for local businesses plays a critical role to help cover the day to day running costs of the station, it is also funded through grants and donations.

How you can help
Just like any other community organisation, we need financial support just to keep delivering the level of service that we commit to. Quite simple really, our core running costs exceed £125 every single day in the technical, licencing and administrative costs. (Any staff costs mainly relate to our advertising sales team and are covered through advertising revenue.) 

If you believe that having a local radio station is important to our area (whether or not you listen to and enjoy the programmes), we would welcome a one off or a monthly donation through this page of any amount to go towards the running of the station.

You can find more information about Seahaven FM on our website ( 

Thank you.      

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Will contribute towards running of the station for a day.


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