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Theatre NEMO's work is based on four principal aims:- To improve and promote good mental health and wellbeing - To improve the support available for carers, friends and families of those affected by mental ill-health - To advance society's understanding of mental ill-health and challenge misconceptions. - To make a significant and tangible contribution to create a more cohesive, integrated and inclusive community.

Why the community needs us

We have 15 years experience of developing and delivering a programme of very successful creative arts workshops, led by professional facilitators and supported by volunteers.Through this, we promote good mental health by using the creative arts to engage and support vulnerable individuals in the community, in hospitals and in the criminal justice system.

Our impact on the community

Our adult workshops help members develop key social skills to improve their integration into the local and wider community. Social and support networks develop and help to diminish feelings of isolation. Workshops also act as a stepping stone to access other mainline services.More information on our workshops can be found at

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Provide Guitar workshop 2 people


Drama workshop for 5 people


Taiko Drumming Workshop for 5 people

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