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We have been operating since 1976 offering a wide range of specialist services including training services. Our Refuge Services offer safe refuge accommodation for both women and men fleeing abuse. Our innovative Children's Services team reach out to children and young people through a variety of ways including group work and one to one. Our Advocacy and Outreach Service work intensively with women and men in the community to reduce the risks they face from domestic abuse.

Why the community needs us
We aim to support those affected by domestic abuse living within our surrounding communities - RBWM and South Bucks. The areas in which we cover are very diverse and so we provide services which are tailored to meet the cultural and social needs of our clients. Many clients which we work with are at very high risk from violence and so we work intensively with the client to help keep them safe and to support them to access services which can enable them to break free from violence.

Our impact on the community
Last year - we supported 28 women in refuge, 8 men in our male refuge and 30 children across Refuge Services. We supported 1033 clients via Advocacy and Outreach Services, 443 clients were supported via our in-house Mental Health Service, 185 children and young people were supported through Children's Services, 71 clients were supported through our Freedom Programme and 2018 professionals and members of the public were trained on domestic abuse via our Training Services and community talks.

What your gift could provide


Buys paper and pens to help child victims express their feelings.


Pay for an evening meal at Refuge for a family.


Can help buy some new clothes for a child who has fled domestic abuse.

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