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Trust Leeds works - and walks - alongside people who face poverty, helping them to change their lives by building confidence and financial independence. We do this in two ways: 1. Self-Reliant Groups (or SRGs) - we nurture local groups where people support each other, save together, develop skills, and grow enterprising ideas. 2. Micro-finance - we invest small, ethical loans for business purposes. Trust Leeds strengthens communities by lending, sharing and saving.

Why the community needs us
Trust Leeds is helping people to feel more confident, part of their local community, and to appreciate and unleash their own skills and potential. We help people to earn money and run their own community enterprises or business. We nurture peer groups and make small business loans for people who have good business ideas but don't have small start-up capital to realise their business ambitions. We address poverty, unemployment, financial exclusion, worklessness, isolation and in-work poverty.

Our impact on the community
The work of Trust Leeds results in people saving, sharing and earning by setting up their own Self-Reliant Group, creating community enterprises or setting up their own business. They contribute and feel part of something, in control and confident. This affects their health, wellbeing and their personal ambitions - and also their families and their communities. "My business is becoming real." "I don't feel lonely any more." "Our children see role models." "My Self-Reliant Group is family."

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Give Hope - pay for a Self-Reliant Group meeting


Build Enterprise - become a Trust Leeds Investor


Invest - join our Trust Leeds Venture Philanthropists club

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