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Veterans in Sefton offers a unique, total support programme for serving and non-serving members of the Armed Forces, led by our own Psychotheraputic Councillor. Through this, we provide the emotional scaffolding to raise self-esteem, build confidence and improve mental well-being for those we support. We are also open from 9-5, Monday to Friday, to offer advice and help to servicemen and their families on a range of issues, such as housing or employment.

Why the community needs us

We run a number of programmes and events for the armed services community. This might include a NAFFI break, a social gathering where we can "pull up a sandbag and swing a lamp" with current and ex-servicemen; or it might include providing volunteering opportunities to current and ex-servicemen to help them to learn new skills.

Our impact on the community

Over the last 12 months, we supported 345 serving and non-serving members of our armed forces and their families. These were people of all ages, with a variety of needs and support. With your help, we can continue this support, and indeed even improve and extend it!

What your gift could provide


Expences of 1 mentor for a week


A day out for up to 15 older veterans


1 laptop for a mentor, we have 15 mentors

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