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We recycle and upcycle as well as provide low cost children's activities in Glastonbury. We operate from our premises on Dyehouse Lane and are currently open four afternoons per week. We want to open for more hours.

Why the community needs us
We are the community scrapstore for the Levels and the Mendips (and beyond if you want to come along). Not only do we supply "stuff" we can also explore how we can help your business dealing with those bits and pieces left over as a result of a production run; actual product over runs and stock which has been in the warehouse which may be obsolete from your perspective but wonderful for us.

Our impact on the community
We want to open five days per week and ensure a warm welcome for all who come. We already host our friends from Orchard Vale Trust and are talking with others to encourage them to come to use the space. This should mean that there is a hive of activity taking place with birthday parties at weekends.

What your gift could provide


will heat and light the activity pod for an hour


will help pay for a project worker.


will cover the annual insurance premium for our building

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