Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation
Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation
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Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation is the charitable giving manager of choice for many local businesses and families and offers the most strategic method of local charitable giving in the county.

Most people give some money to charity, and BLCF is keen to help make sure that gifts to local groups are as effective and efficient as possible, reaching those in greatest need and having a measurable impact on our society.

Each area of the county, be it Central Bedfordshire, Bedford Borough or Luton has its own unique set of needs that charities are working hard to address. These might include isolation in rural areas or poor health and nutrition in some of the more deprived wards in the county. BLCF makes sure that funds are directed to areas of greatest need, maximising the benefit to local communities.

The Foundation also makes sure that charitable giving is increased by use of all available tax breaks, including Gift Aid, Capital Gains Tax mitigation and Corporation Tax relief on all donations we receive, making our donors' money go even further.

Our two broad purposes are

To work with the community supporting local voluntary and community activity through a programme of locally based, constructive grant making and capacity building. Unlike other agencies, BLCF is able to award grants to grassroots groups that do not have charitable status, but do make a local impact.

To work with local donors by pooling the donations of philanthropically minded individuals and community minded companies into an Endowment Fund. This proves a permanent and growing fund for activities that strengthen our community today and into the future.

Bedfordshire and Luton Community Foundation is unique in the county and plays a pivotal and vital role in the future of local communities. It is part of an internationally renowned network, working to high standards of best practice to achieve their aims of local giving for local people.