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Northamptonshire Community Foundation
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Northamptonshire Community Foundation is an independent charity and we distribute much needed and life changing grants to voluntary and community groups all across the county - including youth and breakfast clubs, support groups for the elderly and vulnerable, cycling and football clubs, disability support groups, environmental projects, healthy eating initiatives and so much more.

Our grants make a huge difference to the lives of thousands of people in this county and since our launch in 2002 we have awarded nearly £5million to 290 group - benefiting over 000 people in the county. As well as awarding grants which transform communities, we also research areas of need in the county, guide people through the application process, run funder fairs throughout the county and monitor all groups which receive a grant.

There are pockets of real need within Northamptonshire, and although we were able to fund 242 groups last year, we also had to say 'no' to over 65 groups applying for grants - simply because we didn't have sufficient funds. That is why we work closely with generous individuals and businesses in the county - to ensure Northamptonshire Community Foundation is well supported by all.

Here are some examples of how Foundation funding makes a real difference to local people and projects:

£5 - can fund a dance session for a blind or partially sighted elderly person; £10 - will pay for a social lunch for elderly widows; £20 - will enable a tutor to teach young women about the dangers of drugs and alcohol; £25 - will buy a set of batons for a baton twirling club in a low income area of Northampton; £35 - safety training can be organised to help teenage mums avoid accidents around the home; £100 - 20 footballs can be bought for a children's football club in a deprived area of the county.; £000 - toys can be bought for a village toy lending library or two laptops can be purchased to teach the elderly computer skills; £000 - will pay for one year's pool hire, to enable people with disabilities to enjoy weekly swimming sessions.

Northamptonshire Community Foundation helps local people turn their dreams into a reality by awarding much needed grants to grassroots groups across the county. As well as distributing grants we also work closely with groups - to support people throughout the application process and to monitor and assess all grants made. The Foundation also conducts extensive research throughout the county - to identify and address areas of need.

To ensure we can continue to do our good work and have sufficient funding to distribute to local groups most in need. We also work very closely with local businesses, organisations and individuals - who want to do their giving within the county of Northamptonshire.

Donors can choose to do this in a variety of ways: by setting up a fund with the Foundation in the name of their family or business, by fundraising for the Foundation, sponsoring a Foundation event, making a general donation and more.