Duffus Community Foundation (DCF)

Duffus Community Foundation (DCF) is a South London based charity that supports children & young people from the age of 8-17, making a positive difference to their wellbeing. They provide access to recreational activities, workshops and 121 support to help improve confidence, reduce anxiety and boost self-esteem.

DCF provide regular youth group programmes in the community and deliver wellbeing workshops in Primary & Secondary Schools to help improve resilience. In 2022 so far, DCF have supported over 400 young people in 2022. With their school programme 81% of people made progress in developing coping strategies which have improved their wellbeing.

Their community groups have supported young people through the transition of dependence to independence and 100% of young people attending have said the sessions have helped to improve their feelings about themselves. 93% of young people said that they were using strategies discussed on at least 3 times a week.


Duffus Community Foundation have received two grants from Localgiving through Magic Little Grants. In 2021 our first grant allowed Duffus Community Foundation to deliver 1-2-1 support to children & young people to boost their overall wellbeing. The grant enabled us to engage young people in recreational activities whilst building confidence.

"Our most recent grant allowed us to take a group of young people on a trip Paddleboarding for the first time as part of a summer activity. This was an amazing experience which enabled our young people to be in a position to try something new. Below are two short videos which capture the day and the views of our young people. Localgiving's support has enabled us to provide positive new experiences to children & young people's lives."

Watch feedback from our young people here and an overview video of the day trip.

Find out more about the excellent work done by DCF here Duffus Community Foundation (duffusfoundation.org)