Community Foundation for Calderdale

Community Foundation for Calderdale
Community Foundation for Calderdale
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About the Community Foundation for Calderdale

The Community Foundation for Calderdale supports the communities in the Calderdale area by awarding grants to community & voluntary groups. The area of Calderdale includes Brighouse, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge and Todmorden, and grants are awarded in all of these areas.
A huge difference is made by these grants throughout the Calderdale borough; groups as diverse as roller hockey clubs, art groups, equipment for groups supporting disabled people, environmental projects and groups promoting community cohesion, all feature in our groups funded list, along with many more!

Communities in the area, and their needs

Calderdale is a welcoming, culturally diverse community, situated in the heart of Yorkshire. It offers affordable housing, good schools and excellent leisure facilities. The communities within Calderdale are vibrant, with a mixture of urban, suburban and rural communities with a corresponding mixture of needs. Its current population of 500 is expected to grow by over 10% over the next ten years, especially with in the elderly, where a sharp rise in the 65-74 age group is predicted. There are key challenges in the district which include competition for scarce land between housing and industry; facing up to climate change; differences between areas on issues like life expectancy and educational attainment and opportunities; and, improving the transport system.
The indices of deprivation are the main source the Foundation uses to prioritise the areas most disadvantaged; areas with the highest levels of multiple deprivation, are within the Halifax wards of Park, Ovenden, Illingworth, & Mixenden and Town, significant pockets of deprivation are also found in other wards. For those affected, particularly outside Halifax, difficulties with transport and access compound other aspects of social exclusion.

The Foundation knows that it makes an enormous difference

Not only to the people of Calderdale and the groups it funds, but also the donors too. People that donate to the Foundation get an enormous sense of pride at the difference that they can do on their own doorstep, and the recipients of the grants are able to deliver community work that is vital to so many.

The Foundation annually agrees several priorities for funding

These are people living in communities identified as being particularly disadvantaged.

Projects benefiting people from black and minority ethnic communities. Projects benefiting people with special needs. Projects that benefit older people. Projects that benefit young people under the age of 19. The Foundation works closely with local infrastructure organisations to ensure that these needs are met. The Foundation is proud that it has such good and strong links with the community, it is well respected and has a 18 years of experience of serving the area.

We have funded or supported many groups, including: 

Artworks Yorkshire Community Interest Company, Hebden Bridge Arts Festival, Calderdale Theatre School Association, St Augustines Centre, Elland ARLFC, St Georges Youth Project, Calderdale Rugby League Service Area and Pit Stop 2000 Ltd