10000 sit ups in March

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When deciding what my first fundraising activity would be I searched the internet high and low. I found a range of inspiring stories, from skydiving, climbing Mount Everest or running marathons.Unfortunately as a nervous flyer, jumping out of a plane would be an absolute nightmare.I get tired climbing the staircase (there's a lot )in our new office, and running for a morning bus has never been my forte.None of these activities seemed suitable for this Iron Lady from Poland…but then I came across an article about the sit up challenge.Sit ups have been part of my workout for many years. That being said,I’ve decided to challenge myself and complete 10000 sit ups within a month, whilst sweating to raise money for a great charity...15 years ago when life was pretty good, I popped into tesco. I remember being annoyed by trivial things and walking down the aisle feeling grumpy about something ridiculously unimportant. It was at that moment, a little girl with Down’s syndrome passed me and gave me the biggest smile you can imagine.I was mesmerised… it hit me so hard that I burst out crying. I thought to myself, I have nothing to complain about and rather than sweat the small stuff we should all be grateful (which I am most of the time). This moment has stayed with me for many years and for that reason I’ve chose to raise money for the Down’s Syndrome Support Group. This charity works tirelessly to help children with Down’s syndrome lead a normal, healthy, active & happy rewarding life. I want to be a part of spreading happiness and this I hope that with this challenge I will not disappoint. I know that times are hard for everyone at the moment, but I’m hoping that I can still achieve my target and raise £500. Think about the cost of a coffee from Pret you’re not having as working remotely. The joy of an overcrowded tube ride or that 5th bottle of beer you are about to drink ( blaming on lockdown) which will not go down well with your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife or partner.

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02 Mar, 2021

Aga Z
24 Feb, 2021

Powodzenia :)

Stuart Lawrence-george
20 Feb, 2021

Go get them patty

Update from Patricia Oliwia

Today is the day! First 350 sit ups to complete. Thank you for all contributions:)

(Update posted on March 1, 2021 08:31)

Patricia Oliwia's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 26 days.

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02 Mar, 2021

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