24 hours of Art

A fundraising project by Nina Duckers

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I’ve been involved in the arts for years and grew up with Arts Connection, as well as my parents being artists. I’ve gone from taking part in workshops in all art forms when I was young to supporting workshops by being an enabler and am now leading workshops. I’ve had some great experiences and great support from Arts Connection and want to return the favour and support their work and all the people they work with so that other people get access to the same opportunities as I did – something which is truly priceless!
I'm hoping to show young people's dedication to art.

So I’m going to be arty for 24 hours and invite different artists of all ages to keep me company as I start at 12pm on Sat 3rd June and continue through until 12pm on Sun 4th June. Everyone is invited to come along and see what I’m up to at the Youth & Community Centre in Llanfyllin over this time.