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Dad Pyush and Mum Manisha refused to accept that their daughters life was over. The doctors tried to convince them that there was no point in keeping their child alive and they were asked to give permission to turn off the life support that was keeping baby Ambika alive. Just as they were on the verge of being persuaded to do so their princess miraculously sprang to life. Miracles do happen. Still the medical team had nothing but a mountain of bad news. 90% brain damage and a whole list of things that this amazing little girl was never supposed to do. 
Riff Raff have visited many children who have suffered similar situations and have had the same very challenging start to life. We've been blown away by the care and the love of people like 'The Brown Family' who just refuse to have any barriers placed in front of their son Thomas's development. Tom Tom has already gone way passed his supossed limits. 
This family are the same. Their love and passion for their daughter and their gratefulness for the help of their community moved me to tears. They have mobilised friends, family and work to all bring their love and assistance to give their child the best chance.
They are privately paying for many alternative treatments. They are paying £800 a month to have a pressurised oxygen chamber in the house to generate stem cell growth. Baby drinks Organic goats milk (No reflux) from Germany at £80 a month. They have various therapists for speech and movement. They are putting all their love, time and earnings into their child and I must say I was a bit of mess by the time this visit was done. Just to hear about the kindness of people. One young lad on low earnings gave Pyush half of his monthly wage to help Ambika move forward and this family are truly grateful and that is a very beautiful thing to see and hear about.
If you can't make Saturdays fundraiser please chip in and help one of our own. Our ickle Sister Ambika ???
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Anonymous donor
25 Jun, 2019

Jessica Venables
22 Jun, 2019


Deepika Bhagat
21 Jun, 2019

Love to Our amazing Ambika Bhagats xx

John Oleary      Top Donor     
20 Jun, 2019

Bless em x

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