Andy’s moustache for Positive about Down Syndrome

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Andy has volunteered to try and grow an impressive moustache to raise money for DSUK and their initiative Positive About Down Syndrome. It would be great if you could donate a tenner (or more!) for the privilege of seeing the final result. 
We are following the lead of Mr Cole, Alex’s PE teacher, who offered to do the same - bless him!
I’m sure you will all know that our middle son, Alex, has Down syndrome and is as much of a challenge and delight as his two brothers, but he will face much more prejudice in his life - we are trying to encourage more positivity towards people with DS. 
Thank you for supporting us in this work. 

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Richard Taylor
05 Dec, 2020

Looking very dashing.

Sheila Massey
04 Dec, 2020

Leslie Tench
04 Dec, 2020

Hope it grows really well Andy Best wishes Les & Cathy

Update from Caroline

Alex's PE teacher is also doing the 'tache challenge, he's sporting a much more handsome moustache and has raised more money than us so far. It's a race to £1000. Don't let me down folks!

(Update posted on December 1, 2020 21:43)

Caroline's fundraising page will be accepting donations for another 26 days.

Bill Tacey      Top Donor     
24 Nov, 2020

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