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There has been a massive change in the world that we know, covid took over our lives and everything came to a grinding halt. Everyone's mental health took a hit, now it's time to give the charities that support people whom need it the most. I have seen the amazing work that Manny has done to help people recover with mental health issues. A small group of us are wanting to raise as much as we can to help this wonderful man and his charity. Martin Abbott, Peter Lazell and myself all met in a group to help others. Together we have inspired many people to conquer their addictions and mental health.
We are going to walk as many peaks as we can, I have named quite a few and we may add more to the list. Up to now we are walking Mam Tor, Jacobs ladder and Kinder Scout, Snowden, Coledale 10 Peaks, Yorkshire 3 Peaks. We would really appreciate any donation large or small to assist this wonderful charity. We will be posting pictures of our treks.  

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Martin Abbott
16 Aug, 2021

another £20 donation thanks to Karl Williams thank you very much. also a lady i dropped in walkeden sorry dont know your name donated a £5 thank you.

Mark Harhoff
01 Jul, 2021

Well done Michelle Brady on completing your challenge and to everyone else raising money for such a great cause, you're all awesome and should be proud of yourselves!! 👍

Patricia Psaila
29 Jun, 2021

Well done Tracy and team!

Lisa Lazell      Top Donor     
23 Jun, 2021

From Carol, Em and Nic . Well done.

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We are trekking Mam Tor, Jacobs Ladder and Kinder Scout, Snowden, Coledale 10 Peaks and York 3 Peaks. We may attempt more.


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