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Our third son Harry was born in 2014, 8 this year and a ray of sunshine in our lives, Harry has opened our eyes to autism and special needs. Harry is non-verbal  has complex needs and is working towards many things that we all take for granted, one of his targets this year is keeping his socks and shoes on in class! Harry is also working towards staying dressed overnight, sitting at a table to eat and drink and to not eat sand/mud and the numerous other items he likes to chew and mouth.

I often describe Harry as living in his own universe that involves spinning, jumping, randomly laughing/crying, lots of undressing and biscuits!!

Like all parents we have many hopes and aspirations for Harry and with the help of the Collet School we hope that Harry will continue to develop independent skills for future living.

Finding the Collett school (part of the BTF) has been amazing for all of us, it allows the opportunity to learn, grow, develop and to ensure our children with Special Educational Needs get the same chances in life as all of us. The chance to thrive and excel, fulfil their dreams and be the best they can be.

By taking on this once in a lifetime challenge for the Blue Tangerine Federation (BTF) I am hoping to help change the lives of  children and young people attending one of the The BTF schools. How society views autism and learning disabilities has changed significantly over recent years, I want to assist this continual development and provision of opportunity in any way I can, if trekking 20,000 ft. on these stumpy little legs can help, then so be it!!

The BTF is amongst the lowest funded schools in Hertfordshire with 92% of the local authority funding being spent on the large number of specialist staff required. This leaves 8% to cover everything from toilet rolls to reading books and essential repair works. Therefore even the necessities at our schools are a fundraising issue. We are now in the position where we need help!



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Ian Shaw
18 Jan, 2022

Susan Marmot
18 Jan, 2022

Good luck and great cause.

Samantha Clarke-bradley
27 Apr, 2021

Good luck Stuart x

Update from Stuart

Due to Covid and Tanzania being on the government red list the 2021 trek was unfortunately cancelled, however arrangements have been made for the trek to take place 20th to 29th September 2022.

(Update posted on October 7, 2021 10:49)
Anonymous donor      Top Donor     
27 Jan, 2021

Good luck Stu!

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About Kilimanjaro Trek

Possibly the most scenic route to the summit, Machame boasts several paths to its highest point and back. En route to Uhuru, emerge onto high-alpine deserts with amazing views of ice fields and the peak of Mt Kilimanjaro! Known as the "Whiskey Route" because of the tougher challenge, this path leads you through magnificent forests before traversing a ridge leading through moorland to the Shira Plateau. It offers great scenery beneath the glaciated precipices of the southern ice fields before summiting from the higher Barafu Camp.




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