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On Friday 21st August, to celebrate my 80th birthday, I’m taking the plunge, sky diving from a plane at 15,000 feet to raise much needed funds for a charity I was involved in setting up 20 years ago, and  It remains very close to my heart.  The Counselling Partnership provides affordable counselling to those most in need in the community. It also provides trainee counsellors with a placement to aid them in achieving their qualifications. Over the past 18 years TCP has grown from 4 to 18 counsellors working within the community. Each of our counsellors see up to 3 clients a week. 

Cognitive Behavioural therapy offered by the NHS is for 12 sessions and the waiting lists are long. We can usually see clients more quickly and offer counselling for up to one year and sometimes longer.  

Sadly we have to charge a minimum of £20 to cover administration costs. This is far less than private counsellors charge but still beyond the reach of most vulnerable clients. This COVID-19 pandemic is predicted to  impact on the mental health of many and we anticipate a significant increase in clients, many unable to pay. My hope is that the amount raised by the Sky Dive  will enable us to provide the means to enable them to have help.

 We are also hoping  to reach out to local businesses to help them support their employees as they return to work.  The Counselling Partnership fulfils a very real need within our community and your help in keeping this charity viable is very much appreciated. Thank you.


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Moira Doyle
08 Sep, 2020

Fantastic achievement

Mary Sheldon
21 Aug, 2020

Happy Birthday Terri - have a great day and safe landing !

Henry Woodhall
21 Aug, 2020

Happy Birthday Terri! Very best wishes to You and all at the Counselling Partnership. Have a safe flight! Henry Woodhall

Anonymous donor      Top Donor     
15 Jul, 2020

You are one brave, gutsy and totally bonkers woman. Very proud of you. 👏🤞

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We provide affordable one to one counselling for adults for up to a year by phone or online
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To celebrate her 80th birthday Terri is doing a sponsored Tandem Sky Dive for The Counselling Partnership, a charity that she helped establish 20 years ago.




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