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Facebook message from gym friend Jo Green 'Come on Jo\Lisa you will smash this Nicola is doing it...' We read on. After reading Hayley's story how could we not help to raise money for a trip to Lapland for Hayley and her Children. Challenge on! 
July 2017 Hayley tragically lost her partner Rob who suffered a heart failure.  Hayley battled to get on with life & recover physically & mentally from the loss she joined a local running group. When running Hayley felt a  pressure in her stomach, it was revealed she had a mass of ovarian secondary cancer with the primary as unknown. Two major surgeries followed the first was the mass removal and an ovary removal, the second was full hysterectomy, appendix out, omentum removed and part of bowel removed. Hayley has recovered well and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.  Her children Adam and Chloe have formed the main part of her care package lets help to give them something back x
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Joanne Brown
17 Apr, 2019
Well done on the local hero leader board!
Deborah Jackson
15 Apr, 2019
Well done Lisa!
Anonymous donor
14 Apr, 2019
well done Alex! x
Update from Nicola Lisa and Joanne

Jo is injured and unable to take part on Sunday :( gutted doesn't cut it but she promises to do something else to make up for all the donations received x

(Updated posted on April 5, 2019 08:51)
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