Three generations cycling 25 miles to save lives

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My name is Adrienne and I work for Harmless, The Tomorrow Project and The Hope Project. Everyday people access our services experiencing such high levels of distress it is hard to put into words. As Clinical Manager of these services it is my job to ensure clients get support immediately. When I hear of a 12 year old that has taken their life or parents struggling to support their child who self harms, I really have to do something, if not just create a sense of hope for the future.

This year I am making a pledge to raise enough funds to put three people from each generation through short term therapy, costing £900. Why? In this current financial climate, contracts are not enough, and presently, we have no income for the Harmless 19+ provisiont .

My mum, my daughter (11) and I, as three generations, will by cycling the Great Notts Bike Ride, the Robin Hood, 25 miles. Each of us cycling to raise costs for our generation.

We are raising money to save life's, please help, people really truly need your help! Help us to make a difference.