Manchester Marathon - 6th April 2014!!

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Four years ago I was nearing the end of a 6 hour labour at home with Kevin, my husband, my Mum and two midwives... at 12.39am our beautiful daughter Thalia was born after an amazing home delivery... I remember holding her in my arms; in awe of this tiny, perfect life... After a while I ventured to say what I had been thinking from the moment I saw Thalia... 'I think she has Down Syndrome'... There were lots of 'ummms' and 'maybes'... the midwives checked for physical signs... a larger gap between the big and second toe, just one crease across the palm of her hand... her eyes and her face told me all I needed to know... subsequently we were transferred to hospital for diagnostic blood tests and to check Thalia's heart. Lying on the hospital ward at 5am I was wide awake... desperately excited to get to know our new daughter, determined that we would give her all the love, care and support that she would need... and worrying about what the future would bring for her. Kevin texted our friends and family, he explained that it was very likely that Thalia had Down Syndrome and what he wrote was just right... 'Thalia Skye was born on 17th February at 12.39am... we celebrate her arrival into our family and treasure her for who she is and who she will become'. Thalia has changed our lives just as any other child... she brings us joy, worries, frustrations, amazement ... and most of all inspiration! Without Thalia I wouldn't have been one of a group of parents who set up Sunshine and Smiles - Leeds Down Syndrome Network... so in honour of Thalia for the next 9 months I will be doing things I have never done before to raise essential funds to continue the amazing work of Sunshine and Smiles... I start on 6th April running a road marathon... and will continue with various adventures until November this year. Please give generously as it will make a huge difference... 'I wouldn't change you for the world, but I wish I could change the world for you...'
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Kevin Harley-roberts
17 May, 2014
Well done Ailith from Gail and Kevin's work :-)
Kevin Harley-roberts
12 Apr, 2014
Congratulations Ailith - lots of love, Mum, Dee & Sarah xxx
Kevin Harley-roberts
11 Apr, 2014
Well done Ailith ... Paid on behalf of Rita, Lisa and Bev (Kevin's work)
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Ailith is fundraising for Sunshine and Smiles - Leeds Down Syndrome Network

A support network for children and young people who have Down Syndrome and their families in Leeds.
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