Drew's Skydive for a milk Bike for SERV SUSSEX

A fundraising project by Andrew Calway

of £1,000

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Well Hello All,

On the 17th of June Myself along with Steve Padwick and a few other from SERV Sussex we shall be jumping out of a plane from 15,000 FT to raise money to buy a new Milk bike.

As SERV Sussex we carry out 100's of call every year for blood, platelets and all other manor of medical equipment. but most people forget the work we do during the bay to help mothers and babies in need across London. A couple of our Riders are Dedicated Milk bikers, who travel from their homes across Sussex into London to transport Donated breast milk for mothers homes and collection centers in to hospitals to be made available for premature Babies. So with an aging fleet bike we are now looking to upgrade this bike to be Dedicated to Milk runs.

So please take the time to Donate as much as you can and Help Babies all across Sussex and London.

Many thanks