Sponsored Digital Detox for Focus West London

A fundraising project by Anoushka Yeoh

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Ok, I confess. I have *three* Twitter accounts. Is that a lot? And a Facebook account - obviously. And "Insta" (as I hear the kids call it) is such an attractive digital black hole. I lose myself there quite a bit. I do pretty much ALL my shopping online. There is barely a corner of Netflix which is untouched by me.

And that's just some of my destinations for procrastination. I haven't even touched upon my email, casual television watching, etc. That's a lot of connectivity, a lot of pixels, a lot of distraction. It's fun, and I'm definitely more connected socially than I would be without my internet connection.


It's difficult to switch off, and the minutes tick by without me noticing. I spend too much time connected online, and I think I would benefit from taking a cold, hard break every so often. It would be good for me, and good for my family.


For 24 hours, starting on 20 May 2017, I will switch off, unplug, disconnect. No FB, Twitter, Insta, Ravelry. We will go and feed the ducks at the Round Pond. We'll make a mess in the garden. We'll craft something. Or something.

And I won't be alone. I have asked all the wonderful parents and volunteers at our Focus West London Saturday club to do it, too on behalf of our fabulous club. It will be a SPONSORED DIGITAL DETOX! It will be BRILLIANT (and hard!).

Many of you already know, but for those who don't, Focus West London is a Saturday club for autistic children. Children learn vital play, social and language skills in a fun and child-centred environment. Every child is provided with a volunteer therapist trained in a highly effective behavioural intervention. Families also meet, support each other and have access to experts.

Please sponsor me and help Focus West London keep on, keeping on.