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Our daughter Ava, who happens to have Down syndrome, is taking part in the Yorkshire Ability Triathlon on Sunday 19 May 2024!
It's a very relaxed event for people with disabilities and the first official sporting event Ava's taking part in. She's very very excited about it! (think the picture gives that away!).

Ava was born with a Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) which is common with people who have Down syndrome. She also has a Bilateral genu valgum in both knees  (knock knees) which can often cause her pain. Despite all this, Ava likes to keep active and doesn't let anything stop her doing her favourite things.  She loves to cycle and loves to swim. 

This year, Ava is going to cycle around the track.  She will be in the Tristars 3 (age 13-14) category and will do some/all of 8k/20 laps. 
There is no limit with Ava - she'll go as far as she can! One thing is certain, she'll bear her gorgeous smile along the way!

We're asking you to kindly give as much or as little as you can to support Ava and the brilliant charity, Sunshine and Smiles - Leeds Down Syndrome Network, which is a massive support to Ava and to us as a family.  Your donation would mean the world to us and encourage our Ava to complete her challenge!

Thank you in advance for all your support. 

Sandeep, Rob, Ava and Jasmine



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