2 Half Marathons for The Community Farm - UPDATE

A fundraising project by Ped Asgarian

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Donations not possible

UPDATE - Although they cancelled the Bath Half, I will be running the Bath Two Tunnels Half Marathon Twice, on May 6th and 19th August instead. Your generous donations will still be earned, and there page will stay open till I run (for any late donations!).

The Community Farm is a community owned social enterprise that was founded on the principle of reconnecting people with the land and addressing issues of food poverty and security. It works with people from all walks of life, from school children to teach them about where food comes from, to vulnerable people dealing with issues from mental illnesses to drug addiction. It also welcomes anybody who wants to come and volunteer and see what it's like to work on a working farm.

Getting funding for the social impact activities that The Farm runs is difficult, and whilst the business grows, The Farm relies heavily on donations to continue having the positive impact it does.

I have taken on the challenge of doing a couch to Bath Half Marathon in six weeks to raise funds for The Farm, and it would be great if you could sponsor me to do this, and raise some money for a fantastic organisation!

To find out more about The Farm, please visit:


Thank you in advance!