*** Ben Eckett - London Marathon 2018 ***

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I will be running the 2018 London Marathon for the 'Young Hammersmith and Fulham Foundation'. Please support me to support this GREAT organisation!!

About me:
I'm 32, originally from Devon and been living in London for roughly 10 years. I'm currently working for Hammersmith & Fulham council, run a community organisation called Gloves Not Gunz, studying a degree AND recently became a DAD :) In the spare time I manage to get... I like to do surfing, boxing, yoga and calisthenics.

For the past 11 years I have worked with young people within schools, youth clubs, social care and youth offending. I couldn't imagine doing another job, I love working with young people and supporting them with their development.

This will be my first ever Marathon, the longest distance I have ever ran was a 10k obstacle course race. It will be a massive challenge for me on many levels - distances, fitness, and time!

A little bit about the organisation:
The Young Hammersmith and Fulham Foundation (YHFF) is a new charity that has been established to support the lives of young people who live, learn, play or work in the Borough.We want them to be as healthy, safe and prosperous as possible, with access to the highest quality provision.
The Foundation is a pioneering cross-sector network, working with youth clubs, charities, schools, businesses, local authority, police, funders and commissioners. Together we will shape opportunities and create the best services for children and young people ensuring the sector is sustainable and robust as possible.

Our vision is that all young people in Hammersmith & Fulham grow up healthy, safe and happy with the best opportunities for bright futures.
All children and young people need opportunities for learning and fun, beyond family and schools. They also need to develop strong relationships with peers and adults, in order to learn about the world and contribute to their communities.