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My father in-law Richard suffers from the neuro-degenerative illness Huntington's Disease an illness that has become to have some daily challenges both mentally and physically. My family and I wish to raise awareness for the Charity HDANI and the disease itself. It is not a disease that many people understand. There is no cure for the illness, HD causes progressive  deterioration – physically, cognitively and emotionally until the individual becomes dependent on the help of others. HD is known as a ‘disease of families’ no family member is left untouched because if they do not have symptoms themselves or have tested negative they are still affected by the emotional and practical implications of the disease on the family with many people having a caring role to play. Unfortunately Richard tested positive many years ago and the illness has onset. HDANI provide support to the families and sufferers of the disease and will soon require this in the future. Richard having been a firefighter saving the lives of others has touched many people and I feel that it is important to recognise a hero, by supporting and giving back to a Charity that will soon become a much bigger part of our lives.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my page, and also to all those people who have generously contributed. I thank you for your continued support.

Raising Awareness With Fundraising for HDANI because HDANI is a charity Supporting our Extended Family