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OK, so I'm in my early fifties. I know, I can't believe it either.

I shall be walking 10k for the Run4Life. I know, I know, walking, not running.


So I have slightly dodgy knees. (I need to see a physiotherapist, but time's short). Therefore on April 9, I shall be grabbing my Corner Coffee House apron, and walking 10k with a purposeful stride towards my destiny! Well, I shall be following the prescribed route, really.

If you want to sponsor me, it's for the Corner Coffee House.

What is The Corner Coffee House?

Our customers tell us they love the connection they get – feeling like they belong to a community.

Some of our customers can feel vulnerable, disconnected and alone. The Corner provides a safe, welcoming place to have a chat, make new friends or meet up with old friends.

It’s also the BEST latte in Dagenham!

You can find The Corner Coffee House at 808 Green Lane and its run by team of local volunteers who love coffee & people.