Cruse Oxfordshire Triathlon

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Support our campaign to raise lots of money for Cruse Oxfordshire!

Our dynamic duo, Adam and Jane very successfully swum 750 metres, cycled 20K and ran 5K. All at beautiful Blenheim.They had a fantastic time of 1 hour 29 minutes, half an hour quicker than our team in 2016!

In last year's Triathlon we exceeded our target by 112% and raised £830 for Cruse Oxfordshire. This year we are increasing our target and plan to exceed it again, and we still need your help to do that please.

For those who don't know Cruse:

Cruse works with people over the most natural thing in the world - death and the feelings around it. We support people at a time when they feel most vulnerable - that may be within 6 months of the death of someone special or it may be 10 years after a death that is still effecting a person's life.We exist almost completely through volunteer support and need your help to aid us doing that.

Last year Cruse (Oxfordshire) had contact with over 900 people and saw 359 people and volunteers gave over 13,201 free hours of their time. This was was not nearly enough. People still wait to have contact; people who have been bereaved and want to talk say 'waiting is very hard when you need to talk now..' Cruse needs money to recruit train and support more volunteers. It needs your money to help us do that.

Please give generously!