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Despite Clare asking me to join her for a run for the past 14 years, it wasn't until I found it difficult to do up my shoes due to a growing beer belly, that I thought something needed to be done, so I joined a beginner running course with the Plymouth Harriers in January 2017. I have to say honestly that it was the best thing I have ever done (except for marrying Clare). Not only for the improved fitness, but for making new friends and receiving amazing support from fellow club runners.

I decided to set myself a goal and entered Britain's Ocean City Half Marathon, which takes place ‪on Sunday the 20th of May.‬ To ensure I stick to my training plan I have decided to fundraise for a local Plymouth-based charity, Pregnancy Crisis Care.

Pregnancy Crisis Care have been there to support us over the last few years when, following fertility treatment, we have tragically lost two pregnancies. These losses hit us both hard, and it has been very difficult coming to terms with the losses, grief, depression, and enduring the emotional stress and pressures of undertaking subsequent treatments.

Pregnancy Crisis Care is a Plymouth-based charity helping women and their partners with any pregnancy related crisis by providing free, confidential, impartial support and counselling. Please have a look at their website for more information. Their counselling and support has motivated me to raise money, which will help facilitate their continued care and support for others.

Examples of how your donation could be used:
£10 Pays for 1 counsellor for 1 hour
£20 Pays for 15 journals
£40 A box of counselling resources

In addition to counselling, the charity has to cover rental, bills, etc, therefore any donation will be appreciated.

Please trust me when I say helping Pregnancy Crisis Care is worth it. If you can afford to sponsor me, please do as it will mean a lot to us both, and importantly keep me going (especially on the long hills!).

Thank you

Dan & Clare x